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How & Why Nominate 

Nominate An Exceptional Latina For Our NLBWA-LA Awards!

We encourage you to nominate your colleagues, associates, or clients, who you believe are outstanding candidates for our 16th Annual Latinas in Business Awards honoring "Women of Excellence." The recipients of this award receive free marketing, PR, branding and validation for their products or services. In brief, winning this award could lead to significant business growth.

Categories Include

  • Corporate Leader of the Year
  • Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Inspirational Leader of the Year
  • Rising Star Award

Nomination Criteria

  • Be active in the community and/or with NLBWA (does not need to be a member).
  • Executive level position (Business Owner, Director, Executive Director, CEO, VP, or above).
  • All nominees must demonstrate outstanding leadership in the community, mentorship, serve as an advocate and/or be involved in diversity to promote Latinos in the community.
  • Must conduct business or work within the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan and surrounding communities.
  • Not be a previous recipient of an NLBWA-LA award.


Corporate Leader of the Year: This award recognizes a leader who is a catalyst for driving innovation and organizational change. She guides, nurtures and inspires the people around her – within her organization, her community and in the interactions of her daily routine. She is accountable to a shared vision of success and models commitment.

Entrepreneur of the Year: This award recognizes a person who presents a compelling vision for the future through one or multiple businesses. There is purpose and perseverance in the effort to build a dream, solve of challenge or bring a service or product to life

Inspirational Leader of the Year: An inspirational leader pilots with vision and purpose. She models courage and resilience. She relies on motivation, compassion and strength as her instruments to support the journey of others.

Rising Star Award: A rising star creates new paths with an entrepreneurial flair. She is building a business that already shows growth, employment and financial viability. Or she is ascending to significant responsibility and contributing to the growth of an organization. All the while committed to community, volunteering or advocacy.

*Nominations deadline is Wednesday, May 22.

For questions regarding nominations or awards, email us at or

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